UBC AgroBot Design Team

We are a diverse team of students from across different engineering disciplines. With a shared passion for innovation and technology, we hope to explore robotics in farming, contributing to the future of agriculture in transitioning from human labour to full automation.

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Our Project

As the world population grows, climate change continues and reliable human labour becomes increasingly expensive, we must find more efficient and sustainable ways to grow food and sustain ourselves. The UBC AgroBot team will be building a fully autonomous robot capable of analyzing its environment and performing targeted weeding, fertilizing and soil analysis though the use of advanced robotics, image recognition and machine learning.

Image Recognition

We intend to use the Tensorflow object identification module, training and fine-tuning our own recognition model for crops and weeds

Advanced Robotics

We will be engineering the specific mechanics of the AgroBot, designing the chasis and exterminating mechanism, ultimately integrating them with the Robot Operating System

Machine learning

We will utilize the latest technology in machine learning to help us construct an autonomous image recognition system and a navigation system

The Challenge

AGgrowBOT @ Purdue University

This project will be competing in the AGgrowBOT challenge at Purdue University, Indiana. This competition attracts many teams from companies and universities across North America. The objectives of the competition are to create an autonomous machine capable of navigating a wheat field to identify weeds and analyze crop health.

Upon identification of the wheat plant, the machine should determine if the plant is healthy or in distress which requires fertilizer to be applied by the machine. Upon identification of a weed, the machine should eradicate the weed chemically and/or mechanically. The competition will be judged by reputable members of the agricultural technology industry, such as The Climate Corporation (Monsanto), and Blue River Technology.

The Team

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Navigation System Team

The navigation team is dedicated towards the realization of an automatic navigation and positioning system for the robot

Image Recognition System Team

The image recognition team works with algorithms closely, in order to train an efficient and accurate crop recognition model

The Subteams

Chassis Design Team

The chassis team will design the basic frame that the AgroBot runs on, giving AgroBot the ability to steer and maneuver

Exterminating Mechanisms Team

The exterminating mechanisms team devises the optimal strategy to exterminating weed and fertilizing crops, minimizing chemical use

Join Us

AgroBot Rolling Recruitment for 2020/2021

We are looking for highly motivated students with a passion for innovation and solving problems. This year, we will be picking up where we left off and continue working on our first weed exterminating robot. There is still a lot of design, prototyping, integration and testing to be done. Members will have the opportunity to go through the engineering design process and develop their own solutions to this unique challenge.

We will also be expanding UBC AgroBot with a new Hydroponics project. The Hydroponics project team will aim to develop autonomous hydroponic systems with the potential to be implemented throughout campus.

We are also looking for members interested in business, marketing, graphic design, and web development for 2021 Spring.

We recruit first years to graduate students from all disciplines. Please refer to our blog posts for more information on each sub-team's recruitment details. Feel free to reach out through email. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis and as positions become available unless otherwise stated.

*This year, we will be prioritizing remote working.

Team Snapshot

Latest Blogs

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Spring 2021 Recruitment - Web Developer

January 4th, 2021

UBC AgroBot is looking for a member interested in web development ...

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Spring 2021 Recruitment - Sponsorship & External Relations

January 4th, 2021

UBC AgroBot is looking for members interested in communications, business, and technology...

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Spring 2021 Recruitment - Graphic Design & Digital Marketing

January 4th, 2021

UBC AgroBot is looking for members interested in marketing, media, and graphic design...

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Chassis Sub-team Recruitment

January 4th, 2021

The UBC AgroBot chassis team, of course, develops the chassis of the robot. This includes ultiple aspects such as ...

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Extermination Sub-team Recruitment

January 4th, 2021

UBC AgroBot’s Extermination sub-team develops systems to target and destroy weeds without damaging the crops around...

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Image Recognition Sub-team Recruitment

January 4th, 2021

The UBC AgroBot Image Recognition team develops a system capable of classifying and localizing...

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Navigation Sub-team Recruitment

January 4th, 2021

UBC Agrobot’s Navigation sub-team develops the self-driving software for the Agrobot to autonomously navigate crop rows using...

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Welcome Team 2020

September 25th, 2020

We were excited to have our first meeting of the school year today. We will be working hard towards completing our ...

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End of Year Announcement

May12th, 2020

This year has been a meaningful and successful debut for AgroBot! We have worked hard throughout the year to build our very first agricultural robot prototype...

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Sponsor Info

AgroBot reaches out to a wide range of audience through social media, outreach events and competition. Posts will be made on a continuous basis on project updates and competition status while providing coverage for our partnering sponsors. Participation in the agBot Challenge will also provide us and our sponsors great exposure to the agricultural and tech sector in academia, and industry.


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