Chassis Sub-team Recruitment

Sep 9th, 2020

The UBC AgroBot chassis team, of course, develops the chassis of the robot. This includes multiple aspects such as the frame, powertrain, battery management system, and component housing. Last year, (our very first year) we developed a simple, square, modular chassis that would allow us to house all the components of the robot and allow us to be flexible in our future developments. The robot utilizes four, independently driven wheels, with swerve steering front wheels. This design aims to allow for easier maneuverability in a crop field, allows the robot to go over crop rows, and make tight turns at the end of each row.

In the upcoming year, we plan to improve on this powertrain, have all swerve steering wheels and improve on the suspension. We will also be designing a battery management system to power the entire robot, including motors, drivers, boards, and various electronics. And lastly, we will need a multi-level chassis and housings for all the components.

The chassis team is looking for members interested in mechanical and electrical design, as well as robotics programming.

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